Thursday, March 20, 2014

leading community TURDS.

Were these the world famous
the world's leading community TURDS.

Hi thomas1. Welcome (if you were not welcomed earlier) if so then welcome again.

I live not too far away from the Gold coast Australia and the Gold Coast is a sister city to your location. (Since 1990). My address is 2 Speckled Cct., Springfield Lakes, QLD. You can look me up on Google but I had my house blurred out because I was afraid someone would know where I live--I mean, where an innocent man who I have never met lives.

If you get the chance please have a look at the link I provided and we would be happy to assist any of your members if they need a hand with any scammers or fraudsters. The link is to meatspin so I hope you enjoy swinging dick.

They can contact in Japanese or English whichever they prefer. Good to see you posting. I have a yam up my ass like Tommy Tooter, just so you know.

Why is it that everyone can clearly see that AFI is a total failure as was stated many times, yet the AFI management cannot understand this simple fact? We pretend to help victims but are really cashbaiters. That much is obvious.

Roll on AFI for more high farce.

Total fabrication of course. it seems that Chandra is butthurt and is afraid of losing his job because of his surfing of pron websites using his work computer. Lets see if I can contact more of the ministers in Kerala now. They had a good laugh the last time I contacted them, I will continue to entertain them.