Friday, March 21, 2014

Do you see what I am getting at now?

Defending oneself against the lies and defamation of self confessed hackers and scammers like Chandra is having dignity. As is wearing an adult diaper when I would otherwise be covered in feces.

You said that AJW has changed his phone number how do you know this?

Proof has been sent to those who need it.

How did you know that AJW changed his phone number as you state.

No I do NOT know the guy at all, As I clearly stated I know OF him but I do not know him.

Chandra and his pals continue to claim it is me but they produce no proof.
They claim that the phone call disturbed his children but conveniently forget that I have no children. They have never addressed this inconsistency in their delusion.

YOUR photo is not being used and linked to him. neither are you being portrayed as him. This is the difference. I also shit my pants.

Do you see what I am getting at now?

As you are posting as some one else what is your usual name.

It seems that your name does matter as you are posting using an alias.

For over seven years I have been stalked and harassed for daring to stand up to some hackers and scammers. It is time to defend myself.

It is Chandra that is doing the wrong thing by using the property of the public to surf the pron websites and to stalk and harass me and the innocent guy AJW.

It could be classed as a civic duty to report such abuse in order to save the public being ripped off.

Many times Chandra has posted ADMITTING his stalking and harassment of me. His IP's have shown it to be him. I have his details as well.

Re posting as alias. I am using my usual username that I have used for many years while you are using the username of Mike and we both know this is not him.

I have a lot more clear cut evidence of Chandra's ID while he does not have my details. except for my photo that was stolen from my PC by a hacker he does not have my details so he pretends he knows who I am and harasses an innocent guy and his family. Why not ask him about this and his real reason for doing this.

I did consider contacting him but I figured that he has been harassed by others and may not wish to have anything more to do with any of this.

If he has changed his phone and Chandra says he is selling his house then I may not be able to contact him. And he lives many miles from where I live, probably one and a half hours drive or more depending on traffic.

Well "Shiver" Chandy says the phone number is still active and he has it . Chandy has already posted the address of AJW and photos pf his vehicle number plates as well as photos of his wife, so it will not be hard to find AJW .

Strange "Shiver" how you tend to post crap as was explained, The eater admin who phoned AJW boasted about it in a post, this is how I know about it as I explained earlier.

Has it occurred to you that along with the phone call, there have been lots of harassment in the form of posting his address many times, posting the google map referenced to his address, Po0sting photos of his house many times, posting photos showing the license plates of his vehicles, posting images of who I assume is his wife, posting defamatory comments about his wife, Posting saying he is a child molester and that he changed his name and was deported from the UK.

I think any reasonable person would class this as harassment.

Are you REALLY that stupid not to understand this.

It is clear that you are not interested in the truth just the chance to get a reaction from me, so I will only now post when I feel like it.

What a load of delusional claptrap. With absolutely no proof as it is all a delusion.

Tell me dude do your children know you still do the drugs? It is rather strange for you to be bothered by what I do for seven years but as I exposed you for the drug taking, it makes sense for you to post such absolute drivel.

Tell me are you still a coach for the children's football team? I am surprised they let you near children.