Thursday, October 10, 2013

Too many admins take action against members

I can post a lot about an unethical moderator on if you will stand by what you say about ranting about whatever I like. I am looking for many forums to expose this liar on. I can post a lot if you wish.

Thank you. Following the rules goes without saying.
Too many admins take action against members who do not break any rules but dare to post the truth. I am glad to see that you have an open mind

I can also link many site's now where this low life is exposed to your forum and many more will come online very soon, so your traffic should increase. Lets work on getting your site well known and popular.

Give me an idea of what you would like to see and I will try to introduce it. Funny pictures? Done! Welcome messages! DONE! Shitting my pants? ALWAYS!!

The guys are trying to make a go of it, so lets help them by goatfucking the site.

It seems to be working ok now. Come on guys join and post your tirades against Joe and JUOT and put up some funny pictures.

There is lots to see and join in with like saying "Welcome aboard, glad you're here!"

You can bring your pals as well! The owner runs the site properly by allowing psychotic tirades against people about events that happened 10 years ago.  :agreed: