Sunday, May 26, 2013

why am I an admin, supermod and mod on so many anti-fraud websites?

Joe why are lying again? Joe the image is of a woman and you well know this. Joe I have a copy of it if anyone disbelieves me. An actual woman !!
Joe I have given you a lot of thought. Joe you started out ok and then you changed and started to post lies about me BEFORE I ever started to expose you.

Why was this Joe? Joe?

Joe. Now apart from the utter crap and lies you allow to be posted about me, the main issue is you allowing a known scammer to violate your own TOS and use a stolen photograph of me as his avatar. Even though it wasn't stolen and I sent it to a woman who I then turned on and she shared it with everyone. But it was stolen. Or I should say "stolen".

Joe, all this aggravation and exposure because you will not remove my photo. Joe it is not logical for an admin to risk losing his employment Joe ( especially in your case as you would find it hard to obtain employment outside your home) and to risk losing his reputation as I have, and to lose the respect of his peers and colleagues, over what is a Joe simple act of decency and to do the right thing and remove what has been proven to be my photo which I lied about and then backtracked when I couldn't get what I wanted.
Joe why is it SO important that you risk all this Joe instead of simply removing the photo? Joe it cannot possibly be of Chandra, as he is a dark skinned Indian, while I am an idiotic light skinned Englishman. Joe?

Joe so the main question Joe is WHY? Joe No, you cannot say it is because I have done anything to you, as you REFUSED many polite requests to do the right thing well before I had to find other ways to get you to do the right thing.

Joe iF I am as bad as your lies say why am I an admin, supermod and mod on so many anti-fraud websites? Joe that's an actual question since I can't figure out why anyone puts up with my shit. No Joe, I am nothing special, but I try to do the right thing and I am only posting the truth, while you are being proven to post lies Joe.

Joe there is only ONE reason I can think of, it is that you are being forced to obey the scammers.
Joe what is is Joe, have they threatened you, blackmailed you are otherwise compromised you?
Joe did they threaten to post copies of YOUR photograph on the cover of magazines and send them to YOUR employer, just like the chopped photo of the WOMAN I sent you? Joe?

Joe are you actually protecting your fellow scammers?
Joe you are good at techy stuff, I am good at searching and finding out about the scammers.
Joe would you like to explain your connection to cell phones and just like scammers, why you are storing pages of adds for them ?

Joe why do you constantly lie and avoid facing me to settle this man to man. What is it you are so afraid of?

Joe tell us again about how professional you were to falsely accuse Tommy of stealing copper wire. Joe? Are you there Joe? Joe? Joe? Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe.