Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Steal my blog password and post things pretending to be me?

So you are afraid to reveal who you are?
And you hide behind a username.
Are you also a submissive to the control freak?
One of the group that set up 'the truth blog"?
Like I said it is interesting to see who my post has revealed, crawling out of the woodwork!
It certainly seems to have wound you up. I wonder why?

I thought about that but all I could see was --dum dum dum dum dum dum
So maybe it would be better to ask goodi, he seems to have lost it and is also afraid to reveal his identity.

"Sieg heil mein fuhrer"

So this is why you hide your real name? Are we a member of the alliance then?

So what are they going to do?
Ban me?
Falsely accuse me?
Threaten me?
Abuse me?
Try to blackmail me?
Assassinate my character by lies?
Dogpile on me?
Spread lies about me?
Try to portray me as crazy?
Try to get me banned from other sites?
Organize their lapdogs to carry on lying about me?
Spread false rumours about me?
Register dool's to try to discredit me?
Hack my account and put a Keylogger in?
Steal my blog password and post things pretending to be me?
Twist things on scambaits so that I appear in a bad light?
Persecute My supporters by stealth on their sites?
All have been done!

ALL HAVE FAILED!! and now members have left in droves as they realize they have been lied to and deceived.
They have LOST and are still afraid to admit the truth!

I am now more determined to expose them. so your piss weak threats do not bother me, but thanks for helping me spread the word about them!