Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Out of all the posts on here I find it interesting, that the first time I blast 'nurse nasty' the thread is immediately locked?

With no explanation by the person who locked it and no one has had the guts to admit to locking it. coward!
So who did it? the admins and mods may like to check it out.
Sounds like an eater thing to me!
Now we have a member wanting to delete the whole thread! HMMM.

So why protect the identity of the nurse on ranter? Who would lock a thread to do this?

I posted about N N to see who would crawl out of the woodwork to protect him. Interesting results.

Obviously not!
As a submissive to the female who is a control freak, and is controlling your every action, you would not have the independence to do such a thing without her permission.
It would not make sense for her to risk me publishing all her posts from the secret forum she ran. By ordering you to do so.

You play a dangerous game, as you are not mentally strong enough and may lose it again if you persist.
You have experienced the darkness and despair, you may want to reconsider going in there again? Your mistress cannot save you from the results of your actions if you carry on being a lackey.

Easy, if you are really slarti, then it is impossible for you to be NN.
Coop does not have the balls so he is out,
Ct can prove his claim easily by telling me what he said as NN in his emails to me about my banning! So go for it, back up your claim!

635 views, Quite amazing for some one who you say is boring? and that no one cares?