Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I also use the name scammerslammer sometimes

For the record. Some one has registered on 419eater.com with the user name of

I would like to publicly state that this is not me and I only use this name on 419 legal.
I am not using it on any other forum or website.

The person who is using this name on 419 eater has no connection to me as far as I am aware.

As of yesterday both 419eater and scamwarners seem to have been suspended.

Bad site exposed. EATER

Hello, new member and long time lurker here.

I would like to caution people about joining an anti-scam site, that treats its members with disdain. 419eater dot com has shown in the past that the moderators and seniors will lie and deceive their members on a grand scale.

If you oppose them, you will find out that they will drag your name through the mud to defend their secret forums where they teach hacking and keylogging, called the Dark arts.

They will also alter your avatars and signature's and substitute them with derogatory pictures and lies. As they have done to past members and moderators.

There is a lot of evidence posted on a site called 419eater dot net.

If people would like to join a good anti-scam site, then please do a Google search and you will find some reasonable ones.

Good luck in fighting the scammers .

Earlier I posted a warning about a bad site called 419eater.com.
They have a sister site called scamwarners.com run by the same people.

They allow and encourage their members to troll other forums and to post all over the internet the real life name, phone number and address of a completely innocent member of an Australian site.
They are actively posting the details of someone who has no connection to them in any way!

This is being done for revenge, as one of scamwarners senior support members Chris Smith has found out that the innocent man shares the same username ( A nick name chosen at random) on another site as some one who is exposing them for just such actions as these.

Chris Smith is posting the same details of an innocent person on other forums.

They are now posting the personal details of some of their OWN current members in a similar manner. As well as posting the victims real life photographs.

WARNING! No victim is safe, if they post their personal details on these two sites.

If you are the victim of a scam, please stay away from these two sites, 419eater.com and scamwarners.com.
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After carefully checking this out, it is indeed true What berrymike has posted.

Unfortunately, 419eater and their sister site scamwarners are actively encouraging this disgusting behavior.
They are victimizing an innocent man and his family. With the full knowledge of their management and I assume their approval, as they are making no attempt to stop it.

Please do not pass on any personal information to either of these rogue forums. Sadly they cannot now be trusted.

If they post the personal details of an innocent man on the internet, then they would have no compunction in doing the same to a victim who contacted them.

It gives me no pleasure to have to warn people about another anti-scam type of site, but the safety of victims is paramount.

If they correct this behavior and do the right thing, then this sort of warning would not be needed.

I have banned one of their moderators (Luckey) from this forum. Until they stop harassing innocent people, their moderators are not welcome here.
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I guess that 419eater and scamwarners are not too happy with having the truth posted about them.
Another of their mods came online to troll this forum as "stardust' he too has been Banned.

Yet another eater moderator registered as Double-O. He too has been banned.

@redbaron. Your points are noted and as you will recall, as soon as I became a mod on here I deleted the stupid comments that had been posted about you by mercenary.
As far as I can see I have also removed any posts that were detrimental to any victim .
I have removed approximately two thousand such posts.

If there are others that I may have missed, then please let me know and I will check them out.

The post's by "berrymike" are the truth so will remain.

The bad things that eater do are NOT just past history, they have in the past few days posted the real life details and photo's of a fellow baiter in their public area. If you want to support them for this type of action then this is your free choice but it does not indicate impartiality.

Yes eater was a big site, not so much now. Their size does not give them the right to attack personally the reputation of ex members and attempt to destroy their reputation on the internet for simply telling the truth about them.

This is as you say a forum to help victims of all types of fraud, including those who are lied to and subject to vilification by a baiting site, for they are also victims.
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@Rosalie. The domain name for Welcome to 419Eater was purchased by some one independent of both sites and he redirected all queries to the dot com site. In a gesture of goodwill, that has been ignored.

Currently the dot net site is down. Maybe there will be a new site to take its place.

I have answered this, as I have access to more information, like why are you using a proxy to post on here with?