Saturday, July 19, 2014

This unethical action

The site has been hijacked and links now go to a fake site.
Joe and myself are being impersonated by members here.

As usual you have the wrong information. The last time I was never an admin I was a mod. So I had nothing to do with any "masterful administration" Do try to get your facts right, instead of listening to the morons who befriend you. I trust you have actual evidence of your accusations for a change?

As I read your post it seems to admit that members of the network are responsible.

The attacking of a person who is just trying to start a general topic forum shows how low those responsible have sunk.

Thanks for the info Joe it is being sorted out. The morons will never win.

Ok lets get real. Two members from Juot have impersonated others on rahstyles. The two are " The Captain" and WCT097" Probably others from the "network" as well.

The truth is hard to refute.

As hard to refute as the massive load in my diaper right now. I really need to put a cork in my ass or something.

That sounds like a lot of the forums you support and belong to Chandy.

Yes, if you try to post by impersonating me I will expose you. I gave the recent miscreants ample opportunity to come clean but they refused so were exposed as liars.

This unethical action of impersonation was recently done by members here, namely The captain and WCT097 who plagiarized others posts and posted them as his own.

I will not address the unethical action of reading private messages and posting personal information though. I always act ethically, so when I do something unethical, it becomes ethical.