Monday, March 25, 2013

we should ALL try to to help the spammers/scammers

Thank you Max for bringing this up. There is a lot of useful information here:

I am not an expert on spamming, nor am I an expert on anything, as my field is related more towards scammers. however I have heard (as I previously posted) that the spammers were working on ways to defeat the anti-spam methods that people were working on. After reading the Wikipedia article, I feel that we all need to be more aware and to scam people wherever we can and help those programmers who are working with spammers, hackers and scammers. The amount of money obtained by these unethical acts can be very large indeed and can turn the heads of some administrators and programmers who actually support and encourage these hackers, spammers and scammers on their own websites and ridicule any who oppose them.

Some are even staff members on Internet forum software producers. Sad to say. It is clear that the motivating force for the spammers to invest so heavily in automated programs is greed and "easy" money. It is scary how much these actions can rake in. And so there is a lot of money that can be used to increase the effectiveness of the unethical automated programs.

 I think we all need to do what we can to stop the unethical and immoral guys in any way we can. They are crowding me out as I make a substantial amount of my income from cash baiting and scamming people.

As I posted earlier, I think we should ALL try to to help the spammers/scammers and those who support them.

I am on many anti-fraud websites using the name Big Al or Gbenga Jones and I am interested in ripping off as many people as possible, which I do. It's really the only thing I am any good at anymore since my broken hip and incontinence.