Thursday, January 10, 2013

I was hacked twice and my personal information stolen

@Gemma. I am sorry to hear that you were hacked. As it seems all your sites were affected it does seem like you were targeted.

I know a little of what this is like, as I was hacked twice and my personal information stolen, to be used by low life's and those who support them. And when I say hacked, I mean I gave out my piss-weak password willingly and sent someone my picture willingly and then cried about it and have had a sandy vagina ever since.

Your loss is more than mine and I am sorry to hear about it. Actually, no one's loss is greater than mine, so fuck you.

The hackers and scammers pose a real threat to decent people and many of us are doing our best to stop them, and by that I mean we are doing nothing because there is nothing to be done about it by a stupid old man in Queensland, but sadly they sometimes have influence and are believed by others.

I am not a tech but If I can help just ask. AL.