Monday, April 7, 2014

scammers and hackers

ozzy47 is correct. Many millions of dollars are sent to the scammers like me and cause a lot of heartache for the victims. HAHAHAHAHAHA

It is said that the third largest source of income in Australia after oil and minerals is fraud. And adult diapers, I keep that industry thriving.

It is estimated that in Brisbane alone there are over 150,000 active scammers and they send out a LOT of scam emails. They just work the percentages. I am responsible for most of those scammers as I trained them personally!

The last guestimate of scam websites was 7.5 million. So sadly the scammers are stealing a lot of money, and I get most of it HAHAHAHAHA.

The scammers and hackers and their supporters need to be stopped. I don't need the competition.